Life Is What You Make it

I have been through some terrible things in my life, some of which actually happened.” – Mark Twain

Isn’t that the truth! how many times do we think too much about something and we start to become weary, literally!
our mind starts to wander, endlessly. And suddenly you stop for a minute only to realized that all your worries, are just the pigment of your imagination…
Indeed just the creation of your own thoughts playing tricks on you.

Sometimes we think so hard, our mind become so clouded we start to become paranoid, and if were not careful enough, the worst that could happen is, lose ourselves along the way, even lose our own peace of mind, most specially if that frame of thought we entertain is something negative towards another person.

Sometimes we are the one’s who create that monster of our feelings be it out of rage, focusing on others weaknesses, having that feeling of resentment towards someone or just angry about life all together. What is so bad is when one loses her priorities and focus on what’s important in life because you allow yourself to be consumed by your own anger towards someone. And if we let our anger and negative thoughts linger longer, it’s like giving the enemy the power to take over, feeding our minds with bad thoughts until it loses clarity and you wonder why you feel so unhappy.

I realized when someone treats someone so badly, it’s not really the person who does it per se, but the enemy behind the person. It is blatantly, the work of the enemy. Biblically, our enemy is real, he is there to kill, to steal and destroy our joy, our families, everything we’ve got.
The enemy wants to see us torn apart in every aspect of our life, if he can get a chance to knock us all down.. He would.
There’s seem to be a lot of blame that can be passed around when it comes down to the problems we have in our society and nation. Foremost, Satan will attack us, as individuals and try to tear down the family unit. He knows if he destroys the family, our society and nation will fall apart next.

If we give him a little leeway, he will always take his opportunity to take his best shot to tear down every family unit, every individual,-if we let him. Not to mention our friendships. He would love to see all of us unhappy, hating each other, letting animosity get in between friends, among friends .The feeling of jealousy, stepping on each other’s boundaries, or better yet, trying to step on someone trying to get ahead. All of which can potentially weigh you down stripping you with joy and peace in your everyday life. Because you know you are not living anymore according to his guidance knowing its easy to go the other route.
That feeling of getting back with someone who hurts you, does not only make you feel worst, but it can also cause you to lose sleep, and if you don’t fight it, eventually, you will find yourself lost, feeling down and rotten inside. The choices that we make can sometimes be the result of our own deep despair, having such unforgiving heart. We just don’t get it sometimes that it’s what we give out and put out that we received back. In other words, it’s what we sow, we shall reap in the end. Sometimes, we don’t realized things until it’s too late. It is easier to focus on others mistake, lest we forget our own. It is indeed, what goes around, comes around..
Every wrong actions we make in this world, will always bring its own punishment.

“According to their deeds, so He will repay, Wrath to his adversaries, recompense to his enemies; To the coastlands He will make recompense.

I can only say, that in order to regain back the peace we lost along the way, it takes swallowing our pride and letting go of all the bitterness and resentments, it is only in forgiving that we will find ourselves back in its right peaceful place, it is by forgiving the people that once hurt us badly and by learning to let go and letting God. Not only it brings healing and gain back that peace in your heart because you are actually allowing God to work in your life once again. Peace everyone!

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